The Magnetic Pull Of Modern Cleopatra


The Secret Psychology Behind Casting a LOVE Spell On a Man

Used By Ancient Seductresses!


By Elaine M.D., a Dating and Relationship Author

CleopatraWith this information, the image of you will crawl into your man's mind and engage the processes of his brain, which will floor him with obsessive desire for you & make him feel unstoppable surges of LOVE for YOU!

I am going to teach you the same principles that were used by legendary seductresses known for their almost magical power over men, and which will make any man feel INTENSE UNSTOPPABLE URGES to have YOU in his LIFE FOREVER!

Imagine the rest of your life with The Man of Your Dreams who truly ADORES YOU, DESIRES YOU and IS DEVOTED TO YOU FOR LIFE...

If you want a man and a relationship that truly makes your life AMAZING, read this entire page, because I am about to unlock the never-before-revealed secrets to creating POWERFUL EMOTIONAL PULL NO MAN CAN’T RESIST and to making any man fall deeply and desperately in love with you!

And I suggest that you get excited NOW about the small changes you will make in the way you approach relationships with men, which will make a HUGE difference in YOUR LOVE LIFE!

questionHave you ever been in love with a man who didn’t love you back?

questionHave you ever wondered what it takes to be the kind of a woman men fall deeply and desperately in love with?

questionDo you want to make your boyfriend or a man you are dating fall deeply in love with you?

Or perhaps there was a man in your life….. Someone you met for a date who you had an instant connection with but who didn’t call you back… and you still have deep regrets that it never got off the ground beyond the first date?

And you just couldn’t figure out why! Up until now!

Or maybe there is a man in your life now that you are secretly in love with….. maybe a co-worker who doesn’t seem to notice you exist….

Or perhaps there was a man in your life that you wanted to be with so badly that it hurt every time you thoughts about him….

And you can’t help but think about him 24/7…. Because it hurts so bad but you can’t stop it!

And you can’t help but feel that constant excruciating, heart-wrenching pain deep down….

And it eats you alive because you can’t help it….

Or perhaps loneliness drives you crazy… you want to feel that loving touch of a man who you feel deeply connected with, and who feels the same about you…

A man who truly ADORES YOU… a man who will do anything to be with you FOREVER!



Do you remember a time when you dated a man who embodied everything you’ve ever wanted in a man but who slipped away through your fingers?

It literally feels as if you were standing there seeing everything that was going on with your own eyes and you couldn’t do anything to change that…. You wanted to rewind it… but it was too late! And still you just didn’t know what went wrong!

Perhaps you are still thinking about it up until this day…

And it still burns you just thinking about it…. You feel that burning pain in your heart every time you think about what you’ve lost….

Remember how you felt paralyzed unable to change things…

… and you saw…. yes you saw just how your relationship was falling apart in front of your eyes….. literally…. You were eye-witnessing how your nearly perfect relationship was COLLAPSING in front of your eyes but you didn’t know what caused it so suddenly, seemingly for no reason and deadly unavoidable….

Perhaps you felt at times as if you were trying to reach out and grab it, hold it close to your heart and never let it go…. And you clenched your arms only to realize that what you thought you were holding onto was long gone… and there was no way back!

And deep down, up until this day you still feel deep regrets that it didn’t work out….

When you think about it…. You still wish you could rewind the time and return to the paradise of love…

You remember how great it was in the beginning… how wonderful it felt inside to be so deeply connected to the man you truly loved….

You realize now that you have lost that feeling of being so deeply connected to someone and that no matter how hard you tried you have not been able to recover that feeling!

Have you ever lost love that you were never able to recover?

Have you ever lost what could have been…. Or what could have become of the two of you?

Just think about it…. How many times have you lost it in your life? Once? Twice? A dozen times?

And when you think about each time you lost love, there was always some unresolved mystery about the reasons of your loss…

But it doesn’t have to be like that any longer!

Or perhaps you are feeling lonely…. You come home every day from work and just wish there was someone very special who gave you that warm feeling of being cared for and deeply loved….

And I am not talking about shallow physical attraction….

I am talking about being in a deeply emotionally committed relationship for life…

Who is that man? Is he someone you know now or knew in the past?

questionIs there someone special who comes to mind right now? Or are you still looking for him, and have been looking for him long and hard, but not finding him?

If you are like most women, you dream of the kind of love that is all encompassing and emotionally profound. The kind of love that lasts forever and makes you weak in the knees and at the same time makes you feel warm, makes you feel like home just picturing having this kind of love ….

Deep emotional connection…. Feeling his loving touch and knowing that your man will stand by you, protect you, care for you and never leave you….

He holds you at night making sure you are warm and comfortable….

He caresses you….. he calls you sweet names…. The sound of his voice when he calls you ‘sweetheart’, ‘honey’ or ‘baby’ …. Or what is that sweet name he has reserved for you that no one else has the privilege to be called by in his vocabulary?

We all want to be with a man who is deeply in love with us, and who is connected to us on a deep emotional level.

Perhaps at some point in your life you thought you were there… but you lost it… and now it’s been a long time since but you haven’t found it….

Or perhaps you are with a man who is not completely there with you, and you want to reach out just like one hand reaches the other…. But he isn’t reaching his hand….

And when you wake up in your bed alone wishing he was there holding you tight

Or even wake up in bed with a man who you don’t know how exactly he feels about you…. Excruciating pain fills your heart….

Have you ever thought why your love feels like pain?

The truth is, it doesn’t have to be like that!

Because as a woman who deserves to be loved….

questionAs a woman who deserves more than anything to be with the man of your dreams, to be with the man who embodies your every desire for deep emotional connection, you can, YES YOU CAN have it all!

And I will show you how!

You may think that it only happens in romance novels and Hollywood movies.

But the truth is - any woman can make a man fall deeply in love with her, as long as she holds the power that paves her path to a man’s heart.

You yourself have to recognize the power that you already have inside of you! And I will help you in your journey.

It may seem like a daunting task to you because up until now you haven’t been able to do so. And this is why you are now reading this page because it is the last missing piece of the puzzle!


Let me tell you simple truth; Every woman has that power to make any man fall deeply in love with her!


If, by virtue of being a woman we did not have this incredible power to make any man feel powerless to stand against our charms, we’d never get married… we’d never mate… and the humans would not have survived for millions of years on the Planet Earth!

If that is so, the question comes; why do some women have it easy with men and some women continuously struggle?


Why Men Marry Some Women And Not Others


Many attractive, smart and intelligent women absolutely struggle at their relationships with men….

The truth is, a woman can be drop-dead gorgeous, smart, intelligent and a great catch all around and still struggle at every relationship she has, always ending up dumped and heartbroken, or being cheated on!

But here is the truth why men marry some women and not others….

You don’t have to be supermodel-looking to make your man fall deeply in love with you and marry you!

You don’t have to have a lot of money or material possessions to attract a man beyond belief and keep him forever!

Men marry not because they have to marry… and they don’t marry because they have been dating for six months, one year or two years…

Men marry when they realize that they can’t imagine living their lives without a certain woman!

You know perfectly that not all relationships end in marriages….

… and that at the same time a man may be killing time with you, but deep down he already knows you are not the one for him! Ouch!

So, what makes a man fall in love with one woman and not another?

Here is a true story:

Katie was dating a man for two and a half years when he suddenly said that he didn’t want to be in a committed relationship and wanted to explore other options and just date casually until he decided what he wanted. She thought she’d give him time to decide what he wanted.

Two months later she found out that he was dating another woman. He married that new woman six months later!

When Katie came to seek my help she was heartbroken. She was convinced that there was something wrong with her…. She thought she’d never find a husband…. She thought she was destined to be alone!

After working with me in private sessions for three months she started dating a man.

This man was very chivalrous, generous, kind and compassionate. They fell in love, and at that time Katie already had at her disposal the new information she'd learned from me, which gave her the power to keep her man deeply in love with her.  She no longer was making the mistakes she used to make over and over with her previous boyfriends.

Now listen to me very carefully!

The reason you haven’t been successful at making a man fall deeply in love with you and stay in love with you forever is that you simply have not yet uncovered the power that women who are successful at their relationships have found within them!


But, don’t worry, because I am going to hold your hand and give you the powerful tools, which will help you become every man’s dream woman! Finally, you will be able to actually KEEP a man for the long term!

And it will become so easy that it will be natural to you once you learn what I am going to teach you!

Once you learn the lessons I am about to teach you, you will be able to captivate a man on a deep emotional level effortlessly!

The triggers, which make a man fall in love and stay in love with you forever are already inside of you… you just need to learn how to activate these hidden powerful triggers that will captivate a man and keep him in love with you forever!

With my help you will become the women every man finds so irresistible that he will go to the end of the world for you!

You will become the woman who charms a man with her powerful charisma and radiates the energy, which makes every man want to keep you for good!

And because I realize that the only remaining obstacle that could stand in your way of getting this life-changing information, which I am going to give in just a moment, could be that you don’t live where I live, or perhaps you can’t afford several thousands of dollars in private coaching sessions, I went ahead and did the next best thing for you – I have put these empowering life-changing tools in a format of an electronic home study course (e-book) which you can access immediately by downloading it on your computer right from this page.

"Ancient Secrets Of Love Revealed"
Is Unlike Any Other Course Out There…"

I specifically created "Ancient Secrets Of Love Revealed Home Study Course" to be straight forward and easy to understand...

You quickly put it to use... and in little time you will be able to transform into a true man magnet – a woman who gets AND keeps a man!

With this course you will learn:


Ancient Secrets Of Love Revealed BookWhy men pull away when they start to get close to a woman and how to overcome this most common relationship killer which will otherwise kill your budding relationship (read pages 12 – 13)

How to instantly gain more respect from a man and encourage him to listen and to understand you (read       page 5)

The biggest man repellant of all times - you will be shocked at what you will learn (read page 9)

One simple mindset which prevents women from truly attracting and connecting with a man on a deep emotional level (read page 10)

Why men pull away in long-term relationships and the single biggest reason why relationships fall apart (read page 19)

Why fighting is not a bad thing, and why lack of arguments equals the death of a relationship (read pages 26-27)

Why some women achieve deep long term commitment with men effortlessly and some women struggle moving the relationship to the next level (read page 32)

Why some women suffer a lot more due to a break up than others – it has nothing to do with the level of attachment or the length of a relationship, but it has to do with one simple practically technical matter which we have complete control over (read pages 52-53)

One thing that creates a level of intimacy more so than sex – if your relationship lacks it, it’s deem to a failure (read page 53)

… and there is more…

You will also learn:

How men and women process emotions and the differences of the emotional word of the man v. the woman

How being an ‘independent’ woman who has her own full life can kill a relationship or prevent it from getting to the next level

Six key ingredients you must have in your relationship to make it successful and lasting

Why men complain that women don’t listen and how to be a good listener

18 men repellants – if you display any one of these, every one of your relationships will die no matter how hard you try to save it

13 men attractors you must possess if you want men to feel at ease around you and want to be with you

What men REALLY think about sex and money

What makes a woman irresistibly attractive to a man

How to develop irresistibility from within and become natural with men

How to develop irresistible charisma

One trait very few women possess which makes a man notice her as someone very special and how to develop it (read pages 78-85). Only women who have this have what it takes to sustain a long term healthy relationship and to keep a man for good

How to become a truly feminine woman and what femininity really means (read pages 85-96)

and there is more….

The whole concept of this home study course is based on psychology of men from the scientific standpoint and teaches any woman how to become so magnetic to any man that no man will ever have the slightest thought of leaving you!

Any man would be crazy to leave you after you learn and implement the strategies I am going to teach you in this home study course!

Imagine... you will now be able to share your future with the man you want!
 Travel... see the world... and fall in love with being in love….

You deserve that!

And you deserve a plan that can get you there fast... without taking much of your time and effort.

Securing your copy of this powerful course is simple... easy... and the cost is tiny.

How tiny?

Let me ask you this – How much would it be worth it to you to finally have the love you deserve and want more than anything in your life?

If you could place a dollar value on your happiness, how much would that be?

I have put together my most empowering secrets that will transform your love life and your success with men and relationships in an easy to read, quick format of over 90 pages of text so that you can read it fast, in one sitting and start implementing this powerful secrets in your life IMMEDIATELY!

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I have had clients who have paid hundreds, even thousands of dollars for private coaching sessions with me….

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It’s all about the RESULTS you are getting from putting to practice the information in this course…

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Have you ever wondered:


Exactly WHEN it’s ok to sleep with a man for the first time?


When it is too soon or not soon enough? 

What happens if you sleep with him too soon?


What if he loses interest if you don’t sleep with him soon enough? and


What he loses interest if you sleep with him sooner than you should?


Have you ever wondered what to do if you slept with him too soon and have you ever wanted to know how to rectify it?


If so, you are in luck because in this report I am going to give you the straight answers to your burning questions.


This Special Report is 29 Pages long, and is well over 3,000 words of pure content!


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What I am going to share with you in this report will
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This is probably the most controversial info you will ever read on the subject, and it works like magic! Take it from a woman who slept with the man she ended up marrying on their first date. Do I recommend that you always do it? Not necessarily. Find out how to determine when it's the right time - Read This Report Now! No more anxiety and guess work! You will always know exactly when it's the right time!


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If you’ve ever wondered where you stand with a man and where your relationship is going this is your lucky day because after you learn the information presented in this report you will know exactly how to tell where you stand with a man in your life without having to ever ask him!


In this report I will reveal some sure-fire signs that your man is serious about you, so get ready to learn this exciting information!


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Commitment Colors Book

Bonus # 3 - "Commitment Colors"

How to choose the right colors to subconsciously influence a man’s commitment decision making process!


You May Not Know It But The Colors You Wear and Choose Affect a Man’s Decision To Commit To You!

Learn To Use The Right Colors to subconsciously influence your man to move toward commitment!

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“You're Staring At A Fork In The Road Right Now...”

fork in the road


One direction leads to the same old - broken heart, confusion about men and relationships, loneliness and unhappiness. If you are doing exactly what you've done in the past you will not get results that will be any different.

Hoping against all odds that this time the same old path will take you to a new destination is just plain stupid…

You know... the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results... Just how many more times are you going to walk the same road that leads you nowhere?

You need to stop the insanity and take the other road...

The road that leads to a new mindset... a new outlook... and finally to happiness...

The road paved with $150,000.00 of research, or trial and error, hundreds of hours of work and heartache...

The road proven to get you the relationship you deserve.

The road that leads straight to a brand new future for you.

Your path to your new future is waiting for you right here.

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book and bonuses


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Elaine M.D.

Elaine M.D.